The "Canon XF media" plug-in provides the user with the ability to import the Canon XF card’s video and audio content together with the associated metadata to the Cinegy Archive database through the common import process.



Use these buttons to add the Canon XF media clips from your Canon device(s), local drive(s), or network-shared storage and/or remove them from the "Sources" list.

The configuration settings of the Canon XF media import are as follows:


The "Do not join spanned clips" option allows you to keep the clips spanned and be imported as separate clips afterward. When disabled, the spanned clip segments will be imported as a single clip. This option should be used only in case you are planning to use the batch import of high-quality clips after exporting the material from Cinegy Archive to Avid Media Composer.

Choose the "Append index to the spanned clip names" option to add a consecutive index number to the imported clip name along with the ".mxf" extension to match the original file name, for example, AA00401.MXF, AA00402.MXF, and so on.

The import process management of the "Canon XF Import" plug-in is the same as for the Panasonic P2 Card tool.

Refer to the Metadata Descriptors Management paragraph for information on the import plug-ins management.