The "Sony XDCAM EX Disk" functionality is similar to Sony XDCAM Disk.

The "Sony XDCAM media" plug-in provides the user with the ability to import the Sony XDCAM media video and audio content together with associated metadata to the Cinegy Archive database through the common import process.


The interface, configuration, and import process management of the "Sony XDCAM media" plug-in is similar to the Panasonic P2 Card tool.

Refer to the Metadata Descriptors Management section for information on the import plug-ins management.

For the Sony XDCAM media import tool, it is possible to define the required media qualities to be imported.

Within the "Import" configuration, select the corresponding checkbox(es):

  • High quality – only high-resolution footages will be imported for the currently selected clip(s).

  • Proxy quality – only low-resolution footages will be imported for the currently selected clip(s).

  • Use high-quality audio – low-resolution video footages will be imported along with the high-quality audio footages for the currently selected clip(s).

  • New Roll per DiscID – when this option is enabled, all the clips of the same TV format, disk ID, and target folder will be imported into a separate Roll. The Roll name will include a certain disk ID postfix.

Export to Avid Media Composer

If you are importing the material and building the proxy quality for further transferring to Avid Media Composer, you have to define the User disk ID for your XDCAM disks. This field will be automatically imported to Cinegy Archive and transferred to Avid Media Composer on the export. If this field is empty, the batch import functionality will not work on the Avid Media Composer side.