The audio mapping defines the set of rules for the audio rendering engine, which will mix the Timeline audio tracks to the output channels based on these rules.

The Sequence may have a lot of audio tracks on Timeline, but each of them should be assigned to the output track.

Each audio track can be mapped to only one output channel.

The output channels define how many audio outputs are visible from outside (e.g., for the playout engine).

By default, audio tracks are mapped according to the selected Timeline preset. Using Audio Mixer, you can add additional audio tracks and output channels and change their mapping rules.

Refer to the Timeline Presets paragraph for more details about the audio allocation setup.
Refer to the Audio Mixer article for detailed information about managing audio tracks and output channels in Audio Mixer.

The Sequence in the following illustration has four audio tracks of different types (stereo and mono) mapped to two stereo output channels. This Sequence will be recognized as the source with two stereo audio channels.