The ingest report feature allows you to generate a specific report in PDF format for any imported Roll.

Right-click the corresponding Roll in the Cinegy Desktop Explorer tree and choose the "Generate the ingest report…​" option from the context menu:

generate ingest report_command

The ingest report starts generating. In a new window, you will see your ingest report in PDF format. The screenshot below shows page one of the two-page report:


The ingest report consists of the following parts:

  • Session Summary – the result of your ingest session: success or failure. If your ingest session failed, the error information will also be displayed;

  • Session Info – the Roll name and the target folder path;

  • Ingest Timing – the start, finish, and duration time of your ingest session;

  • Ingest Site and Workstation – the ingest site and workstation identifier of your ingest session;

  • Ingest Operator Information – the login ID, name, and email of the ingest operator;

  • Ingest Source – whether live ingest mode was used, rushes Roll number and capturer used for the ingest session;

  • Ingest Essence – TV format, aspect ratio, audio track specification, and technical comments about your Roll;

  • Broadcast (High) – the broadcast media quality ingest parameters, such as video/audio encoders, the audio sampling frequency;

  • Focus (Medium) – the medium media quality ingest parameters such as video/audio encoders, the audio sampling frequency;

  • Review (Low) – the low bit rate media quality ingest parameters such as video/audio encoders, the audio sampling frequency;

  • Web Browse (WBF) – web browse encoder used for the web browsing format;

  • Clips Ingested – properties of the entire created within the ingested Roll: the clip ID, name, duration time, and description (if available);

  • Notification Information – the date and time of the ingested Roll creation.

To view the ingest report in XML format, right-click the corresponding Roll and choose the "Show metadata" option; the following dialog box appears:

ingest report_XML format

A detailed Roll ingest report in XML format is shown when you point the mouse cursor to the Roll ingest report data:

ingest report_XML format_detailed