Sequences in Cinegy Desktop are always stored in Cinegy Archive. Therefore, all changes you make to a Sequence will be visible to all permitted users, although they have read-only access to the Sequence when it is locked by you.


If a Sequence is locked by another user or by yourself, it is important to realize that any changes made to the project will be saved and made visible to all network users once the Sequence has been deactivated (i.e. when the "Active" button has been depressed). You can use the Ctrl+Enter keyboard shortcut to activate/deactivate the Sequence.

Any changes made to the Sequence while it is locked are only visible to other users once the background saving operation has been performed and user has reloaded the Sequence.


You can save the current changes by pressing the "Save" button or using the Ctrl+S keyboard shortcut. All saved modifications are only visible for the current user. To make the changes available to other users, release this Sequence via the "Active" button.

Please note that the background saving operation is done by the database and cannot be influenced externally.

You can use Cinegy Messenger to communicate internally with different members in the collaborating group.

Refer to the Cinegy Messenger article for more information about the Cinegy Messenger plug-in.