Before getting started to work with Cinegy Desktop, it is required to specify a number of parameters in Cinegy Configurator, which is launched automatically during Cinegy Desktop installation or can be found in Start > Cinegy > Cinegy Configurator:

Alternatively, you can find the Cinegy configuration utility in the root folder of your Cinegy installation folder (CinegyCfg.exe).

Data Source

The SQL server and database names should be specified on the "Data source" tab of Cinegy Configurator. Wait until the list of all servers is compiled or simply enter the server name in the "SQL server" field via the keyboard.

Use the "Database" drop-down list to select a Cinegy Archive database.

Make sure that you are using the right database version corresponding to your Cinegy Desktop version. If you are not sure, please contact your administrator.
To get information on performing database advanced configuration, refer to the Database Advanced Settings article.


Video Effects Accelerator

Use the "Video effects accelerator" drop-down list on the "Hardware" tab to select whether the default CPU or an external graphics card will be used for rendering effects.

The drop-down list options depend on the graphics card(s) installed on your machine.

Desktop Player and Video Settings

In the "Desktop player" section you can define external video and audio output devices for media playback.

External Audio Output

In the "Audio output" drop-down list you can define the external audio device for audio playback, use the default setting or no audio output.


External Video Output

For video output, define the corresponding external device from the "External output" drop-down list. Alternatively you can use default Cinegy Desktop player for video playback.


Having selected the output device, the "Settings" button become available.

The external output devices settings are identical to the output devices settings within Cinegy Playout. Their detailed description can be found in this article.

In the "Video format" drop-down list define the format for video output via selected external output device.





"Always" Default, recommended

"Still" Slower playback


In still mode, video is deinterlaced during playback and not deinterlaced while paused.

Show Start/End Hints

This feature will enable/disable the start and end hints in the Cinegy Desktop viewers.



"Start" hint

"End" hint

Show Media Offline Hint

If an essence is gone, but still has a database entry, you will see the "Media offline" message displayed on the Cinegy Desktop player. To switch off this message, deselect the "Show media offline hint".


Go to the "Miscellaneous" tab of Cinegy Configurator:


Program Language

Choose the desired language from the "Program language" drop-down list.



Select from the list the theme to be applied for the Cinegy Desktop application interface in the following window:


The available options are:

  • Windows Default

  • Light Cinegy Theme

  • Dark Cinegy Theme

License Server


The "Same as SQL Server" option is selected by default meaning that the server license dongle is installed on the same machine as SQL Server. Otherwise, deselect this option and specify the name of the machine where the server license dongle is installed.

Having specified all the necessary parameters, press the "OK" button and restart the client software for the changes to take effect.