Release Notes

Cinegy Desktop 15.1

Cinegy Desktop Release: 15.1

Cinegy Desktop Build:

Cinegy Archive Database: 15.0

Cinegy Cinecoder Version:

Cinegy ML Version: 7.4.51050.4608

Compatible with: Cinegy Archive 15

Compatible with: Cinegy Air 21.2

Compatible with: Cinegy Titler 21.2

Release Date: October 06, 2021

Before you start the installation, it is recommended to uninstall any previous versions of Cinegy Archive components as well as the Cinegy License Service that you may have on your machine.
To complete the Cinegy Desktop installation, the OS reboot may be required.

Major Improvements

Cinegy Desktop

  • implemented extensive placeholders indication in the Cinegy Air playlist grid (US 6838)

  • improved interface layouts management and scaling (defects 14059, 14058, 14060)

  • improved updating of fulfilled placeholder clips duration (defects 14128, 14163)

  • supported alpha channel processing in media coded with TechSmith Codec (defect 14849, ticket YQA-783-99643)

  • improved highlighting of Search results

  • enabled custom forms for property grid back in Search Control

  • added possibility to open a clip with 24-hour duration in Clip Viewer (defect 14481)

  • disabled editing of the "Media Group" metadata for master clips (defect 14518)

  • fixed possible application crash when loading the saved catalog

  • fixed possible application crash when creating the new Cinegy Titler template under another user (defect 15113, ticket OMT-400-17206)

  • fixed incorrect applying of size value in font variable within Cinegy Titler template created via Cinegy Desktop (defect 14939)

  • fixed issue with joining of master clips

  • fixed issue with saving selected metadata tab for Rolls and ClipBins

  • fixed occasional incorrect generation of clip metadata (defect 14566)

  • prevented auto-filling of the "Date" field from Form Designer in the clip metadata (defect 14259, ticket DSY-829-94303)

  • fixed interaction with view-only folders (defect 14268, ticket TEP-407-55185)

  • fixed PR/CA indication for US-TV rating system (defect 14310)

  • fixed incorrect data type of the "Media Group" field in the detailed view of the Search results window (defect 14519)

  • fixed reading error for some specific *.ogg files (defect 14710, TCN-337-19969)

  • fixed issue with drag-and-drop of a CG template from Story assets panel to the DocumentBin (defect 14822)

  • fixed issues when working with clips on Timeline in Insert mode (defects 14023, 14024, 14888, 14063, 14964, 14887)

  • fixed issues with moving a clip or grouped objects on Timeline (defects 14795, 14380, 14484, 15125, ticket HFF-196-35264)

  • fixed application crash caused by a frame freeze in a clip (defect 14033)

  • disabled adding mixes for clips lying on track V2 and above (defect 14117, ticket XRP-591-75046)

  • fixed issue with moving a clip to the same position on another track on Timeline (defect 14464)

  • fixed incorrect shift of existing blocks if several items are inserted into Timeline (defects 15115, 15117)

  • fixed work of "Reset height" for Master audio track on Timeline (defect 14030)

  • fixed occasional application crash when browsing files in the "Select document" window opened from the Cinegy Titler plugin (defect 15076)

  • fixed issue when the "Opacity" value can be set higher than 100% in the Cinegy Titler plugin (defect 14012)

  • fixed issue with audio rubber band VU level adjustment across multiple audio tracks on Timeline if any of the audio tracks is resized (defect 15119)

  • fixed issue with display of markers on Timeline (defect 13353, ticket EMD-794-69240)

  • fixed incorrect shift of existing blocks if several items are inserted into Timeline (defects 15018, 15115, 15117)

  • minor bugfixes and improvements (defects 14114, 15083, 15125, ticket PFF-337-70686)

Cinegy Archive Browser

  • implemented XAVC 10-bit direct export to Avid Media Composer from Cinegy Archive Browser with no re-encoding for all TV formats (US 6682)

  • supported transferring of the Canon and Panasonic P2 metadata to Avid Master Clips via Cinegy Archive Browser (US 6865)

Cinegy Media Cleaner

  • fixed issue with exporting to Avid Media Composer of a Roll comprising several clips if these clips were processed using the "Compact footage" function (defect 13895)

  • introduced indication of default media group in Scheduled Media Cleaner settings (defect 8014)

  • extended log file with additional Cinegy Media Cleaner reports (defect 9941, ticket MSW-669-70093)

  • refined creation of file-sets using split by zones

  • fixed wrong clip order in garbage collection node (until changes on DB level)

  • fixed a specific error that occurred during the compacting footage operation and improved the error message (defect 14228, ticket QFN-188-67857)

  • fixed incorrect indexes of media files in clip properties (defect 13583)

Story Editor

  • supported HTML-based MOS plugins (US 6993)

  • improved synchronization of the Timeline view during text editing (defect 14621)

  • added the "Cut" command to the context menu for Transcript blocks (defect 14105, ticket OEZ-707-83995)

  • fixed possible application crash caused by copying text from a text editor to Story Editor via drag-and-drop (defect 14425)

  • fixed issue with placing certain script blocks on Timeline when creating a new block by adding a news element under certain conditions (defects 14895, 15005)

  • fixed issue with saving the text marked as {comment} in script blocks (defect 14150, ticket SYE-788-72053)

  • fixed issue with marking the text as {comment} in Prompter block if the text ends with a space (defect 14625, ticket IEH-613-18679)

  • fixed change of script block type when deleting the last empty line in the previous block, starting with a {comment} (defect 14665)

  • fixed change of {comment} color according to the text block type (defect 14871)

  • fixed commenting of text in a script block using the // symbols (defect 14872)

  • removed possibility to type/paste text into an empty Story (defect 14427)

  • fixed issue with copy-paste procedure using shortcuts in text blocks (defect 14622)

  • fixed issue with unintentional deletion of a text block when pressing the "Delete" button in another empty text block (defect 14623)

  • disabled text entering if there is only 1 line in the script block (defect 14657)

  • fixed application crash caused by clicking on the script panel (defect 14894)

  • fixed highlighting of items on Timeline and on other panels under some specific conditions (defect 14970)

  • fixed displaying of real duration of the Graphics block created via inserting news elements (defect 14972)

  • fixed highlighting of the insertion point on the Graphics track when adding news elements via drag-and-drop (defect 14973)

  • fixed issue with object replacement on Timeline (defects 15118, 15125, 14855, 15125)

  • minor bugfixes and improvements (defects 14114, 15019, 15007, 15003, 15103, 15106, 15112)

  • fixed displaying of correct duration of a text block created via drag-and-drop of news from News Monitor onto Prompter/Voiceover track (defect 14974)

News Program Manager

  • added option to use Story target duration to calculate Rundown target duration (US 6950)

  • supported drag-and-drop of the text-based XML objects in Rundown and Story (US 6897)

  • improved display of authors in the drop-down list (defects 14044, 14045, 14047)

  • change of author is now considered a Story modification and affects the Story modification date (defect 14048)

  • disabled editing of Rundown "Start" and "Scheduled/Target Duration" values until a day is activated via the "Create" button (defect 14680)

  • improved handling of long texts (defect 14029)

  • improved control over Stories approval depending on user roles (defects 14051, 14050, 14028)

  • fixed playback of video from tracks V2, V3 in Sequence Viewer if there is a Live item on the track (defect 14561)

  • fixed issue with unintentional creation of a redundant node in the database for the same day when creating a node on different workstations simultaneously (defect 14080, ticket REG-562-21788)

  • fixed issue with selecting / highlighting Stories in the Pool / Rundown in some specific conditions (defects 14004, 14005)

  • fixed issue with linking of Stories under some specific conditions (defect 14008)

  • fixed issue with Story status updating when related Story is modified (defect 14055)

  • fixed processing of blocks using the "Fixed duration" property (defect 13633)

  • minor bugfixes, enhancements and user interface improvements (defects 14638, 13998, ticket OEZ-707-83995)

Import Tool

  • fixed issue with importing media files with DF timecode using the "AVC HD media" plug-in (defect 14613, ticket UVH-282-58040)

  • fixed crash of Import Tool when opening certain AVC HD card (defect 14954)

Cinegy Desktop 15.0

Cinegy Desktop Release: 15.0

Cinegy Desktop Build:

Cinegy Archive Database: 15.0

Compatible with: Cinegy Archive 15

Compatible with: Cinegy Titler 16

Release Date: August 07, 2020

Major Improvements

Cinegy Desktop

This release has a number of improvements in the editing and archive tools, aimed to make all the working scenarios more efficient and useful:

  • 8K formats are supported: a new version provides the unlimited space for the ultra-high resolution editing, including 8K formats.

  • Customizable layouts are supported. Cinegy Desktop is a powerful tool covering various workflows. Now there is the easy way to switch between the working scenarios, keeping the panels ordering and positions according to the specific needs.

  • Search and Bin panels: the details view with customizable fields set gives the flexible way for managing media assets.

  • Playback resolution option is added in the Clip viewer. Using that parameter, you can dramatically reduce disk traffic and required render resources, which might be crucial when working with the ultra-high resolutions (like 8K and above).

  • Subclip mode in the Roll window is implemented. This mode gives the better way to prepare the subclips set in the Roll, especially in the case of multiple "entire" objects.

  • Copy/paste commands for the individual keyframes in Effect Editor are implemented.

  • Rotation effect in Effect Editor is added.

  • Customizable safe zones aspect in Clip Viewer is implemented.

  • All audio channels selection as well as solo-selection mode is implemented in Clip Viewer.

  • Subclips re-ordering in the Roll panel is implemented.

  • Automatic subclip enumeration in the Roll panel is implemented.

  • Clip cutter: now the clips are automatically regrouped after the "Cut" command, to be ready for further editing.

  • Editing functions in the Timeline are improved – "Ripple delete" / "Delete" logic, gaps handling, insertion mode logic are changed.

  • Various user interface fixes and improvements.

Media Cleaner

The Cinegy Media Cleaner functionality has been dramatically improved.

  • The list of supported formats was extended and now includes all the most important codecs and containers like MXF, M2V, H264 RAW, DV, AVC-Intra, H264, XDCAM, DNxHD and others.

  • Expiration time is correctly processed for all the master clips in the single Roll by using Scheduled Media Cleaner.

Cinegy News

We continue to improve the News tools in Cinegy Desktop, and the new version has a number of new features and extensions:

  • Author assignment: now it is possible to assign every news story to the dedicated author to ensure that no one else would be able to change or even delete that news Story. The corresponding user right is also introduced.

  • Rundown target duration is added, now the difference between the target and actual Rundown duration can be seen at any time.

  • News Program Manager: Story version control – the outdated Story is automatically highlighted to avoid misuse of the wrong Story in Rundown.

  • News Story templates management is added in order to create the predefined templates for the different Story types.

  • Text editor is improved: new spell-checking tool, enhanced block duration calculation, merge blocks is fixed.

  • News Stories with the mixed TV formats can be placed in the Story pool now.

  • Blocks with fixed duration are visibly highlighted now.

  • New text block is automatically created after the selected one.

  • Newswires service: the service is re-worked, new UI and extended format list allow to easily integrate Newswires import with any news agency or local news provider.

  • MOS integration: external MOS components support for the better MOS integration (like external CG components, etc.).

  • Text formatting in the text objects (bold, italic, color) is supported.

  • Countdown to date/time is implemented.

  • Custom formatting for Clock object is implemented.

  • Straight/Pre-multiplied alpha option is added.

  • Metadata XML export is added.

  • Avid integration: RDD-18 metadata can be transferred.

  • MXF OPAtom export: 10-bit color depth is supported.

  • AAF creation is fixed.

Known Limitations

These limitations will be addressed in the next releases.
  • The added marker does not display in the Cinegy Desktop Timeline immediately after being added.

  • In some specific cases, clips on inactive tracks in the Cinegy Desktop Timeline do not retain their position after being moved in Insert mode.

  • When moving clips in Insert mode, the automatic "Ripple delete" command may cause the clips to move incorrectly on the Cinegy Desktop Timeline tracks.