While tools for reading news items are incorporated in Cinegy Desktop, Cinegy Newswires Service is installed separately with its own installer.

To begin the Cinegy Newswire Service installation, run the Newswire.Service.Setup.exe file from your Cinegy Newswire Service installation package. The setup wizard will be started:


Read and accept the license agreement and press "Next" to proceed with the installation process or "Cancel" to abort and exit the setup wizard.

The package components available are listed in the following dialog:



Enabled installation of the Cinegy Newswire Service package is indicated by the "Install" option selected and highlighted with blue.


To skip the package installation press the "Skip" button.

The default installation directory, which is indicated underneath the package component name, can be changed by clicking the path and browsing for a new destination folder.


Press "Next" to proceed with the installation.

Check whether your system is ready for installation in the following dialog:



The green tick indicates that the system resources are ready and no other processes may prevent installation. Clicking the validation entry field displays its detailed information.


While the system performs verification of any parameter, the checking progress is displayed.


If any validation reveals that installation cannot be started, the respective field becomes highlighted and the red cross is displayed with detailed information on the failure reason below.

The explanation differs depending on the reason why the installation cannot proceed.


Press the "Refresh" button for the system to recheck installation availability. Once the reason for prevention is excluded, you can proceed with installation.


Press the "Back" button to return to previous steps of the installation wizard and make changes, if needed.


Press the "Cancel" button to abort and exit the setup wizard.


Press the "Next" button to begin the installation.

The progress bar indicates the progress of the installation process.

The following dialog informs that the installation is completed successfully:



Press "Close" to finish the Cinegy Newswire Service installation and exit the wizard.